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Computers -- So many people using them...How about those questions and concerns? From tips for using Ebay
« better,  to just using the operating system better. 

Copy - Paste --  Hope so, but what about Cut.  Working with digital picture files?  You will soon be moving hundreds of files, from pictures of the Kids, to the dog and the vacation.  It's all about file and folder organization . 

"Save As" or "Rename" anyone? This stuff is "must know" to be computer literate!  It's easy and safe, once you understand what you're doing with these commands.  You can know as much (or more) than your kids do. Then show 'em!  

We may even get into some "tech stuff" - Ping a Internet address   Whew!   Networking Hmm....
Hopefully something for everyone!!!

FAQ's? Specific questions - Answers from beginning  to end. 

We will explain each important aspect of your web browser, and your operating system as well as help to ensure the new computer you just bought is not holding you back!  

Some may know the answer to most or all of our solutions, but most will look through this section just to be sure!  

Example-- Let me see full menu's on MS Word etc. ----It's easy, and a must have. Is your Internet browser set up to use in line auto complete? Hope so, It's much quicker, and saves on typing.  

Computer not performing as it used to?  You may have "locked up" programs running in the background, disrupting your system.  It easily happens to these things called computers! 
Bear in mind, We have many hours of computer consulting experience.  We work with small business and people of all ages each day!
We look forward to sharing our experience in this section of this site.......Our goal is to make this site efficient, interesting and useful... Something to enhance the quality of life of the good people our community - Lancaster -  Fairfield County,  OH   USA -  May God Bless America

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