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The Leopard was hauled from Dayton, OH to Baltimore, OH

Later that evening a tire was replaced and a 12 volt accessory battery was purchased.
The vehicle that had sat in a field for 2 years without charging was running again!

Batteries in rear (original configuration before updating)

Original Gauges

This vehicle was driven on the road for several months before the decision was 
made to tear into the 25 year old control assembly and update the speed controller, etc.


Original configuration (during tear down)

Old setup contactor assembly in foreground. Battery charger at left

Old contactor assembly being removed

Front batteries removed


Updates in process


Vehicle was completed with a new Curtis speed control which 
provided a vast improvement in control and power.

This Electric Leopard was shown at the 2005 Lancaster Old Car show
at the fairgrounds.  At the event, the Leopard proudly displayed it's 
brand new paint job and rare mags. 

Congratulations to the owner of this vehicle! 

Pictures of finished vehicle need to be published shortly (October 2005)










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