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Battery Electric Vehicles

Some Cars don't need gasoline  
More and more people wish theirs didn't!

Is Lancaster about to become a hotbed of EV activity?

See for yourself - EV's on the road and EV projects here in Fairfield Co.

For your enjoyment!   Seen only at!  

See many of these EV's and more  at the 2008 Fairfield Co. Old Car Show 

Hybrid Electric Vehicles

While not pure electric, 
And in their current form, unable to plug-in, Hybrids belong here.

To the dismay of any auto manufacturer without one, 
Hybrid EV's are quickly becoming  the next big thing.

As seen at left this 2001 Prius averaged 71.8 MPG over a 44 mile distance.
It takes great levels of efficient driving effort to attain figures as these. 
But, Just try to get 70+ MPG in any four door passenger gas or diesel car.  
You can't buy a car that can make this happen on fuel alone!

Electric Battery Powered Tractors 
and Lawn Equipment






Electric Scooters and Bicycles






Electric Battery Toys

  Fast, Quiet, Reliable, and Safe!  Kids of all ages have fun each day with their electric-battery powered toys.

Raise your hand if your first car was battery powered!  No, We're not talking about when you were sixteen.  Go back further,  Maybe it was at your first birthday party.  It could have been in the form of a race car, go cart, or a truck.  Maybe even a ride on electric tractor!  Now you got it.

Today, Battery power is clearly becoming the winner on land, water, and even flight.  See examples of all of them here at  
Don't miss out - Your never too old to be young again!  
Go out and buy your battery powered toy today and have some fun!
Battery power gives you an inexpensive, powerful, reliable, and safe way to play.
Jut plug it in, charge it up and take them outside.  
Check out the battery advancements-More power, Quick recharge, long life, etc here now...

Electric Battery Household items






Updated 03MAR2006

Video clips, Other EV projects,  and more information about above vehicles to come

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