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Identifying 10 Major Electric Vehicle (EV) Advantages over Internal Combustion (ICE) vehicles

1) EV drive require little maintenance - ICE drive train components requires attention throughout its lifespan. 
Replacing the  Engine/Transmission assembly and the supporting equipment from a ICE vehicle eliminates the majority of components likely to fail as miles and time goes by. In doing so, out goes things like belts, hoses radiators, starters, alternators, engine/transmission sensors, computers, gaskets, filters, oil, antifreeze, water pumps, emission equipment, fluid changes, tune ups, muffler, catalytic converter, exhaust pipe and hardware, fuel pump, fuel lines, fuel tank, filler neck, fuel injection components, engine cooling fan, etc. 

With the ICE removed, the vehicle's interior is not influenced by heat generated from it's engine and exhaust. Also removed are the possibilities of fluid leaks and the odors, mess, and expense related to them. 

Add to that the fact that over the years, your EV will not "wear out" as a ICE does. Yes, with current battery technology  batteries will age, travel distance initially increases, then declines near the end of their useful lifespan.  As ICE vehicles age problems crop up.  Fluid leaks, increased emissions, reduced engine performance, maintenance requirements just to keep the ICE from self destructing and losing efficiency, all those trips to the gas station! 


2) EV's are clean machines

EV critics may argue that EV's pollute, but there are many arguments in favor of EV's being a clean technology. While this discussion is geared to the vehicle itself, it should be stated that electric produced via combustion methods are emission controlled at their source. 

That said, bear in mind, electric is sourced form a diverse array of production methods. as time rolls by electric sources will only become cleaner. in contrast, it is unlikely gas and diesel sources will differ much from today's sources.

The efficiency 
of a EV drive train does not deteriate over time. Since the vehicle does not produce emissions, as it ages, the EV does not become a "polluter" or a "leaker". Further, as EV battery, motor, and components advance, they may easily be swapped into an existing EV configuration. A new ICE vehicle sold will never get to take advantage of an improvement in ICE technology. The car would just be sold to someone else and replaced.  The only reason to upgrade a ICE is for performance. ICE is so refined, one would be hard pressed to gain or require much additional performance from the typical new car.

3) EV's Give Back

EVs save you time.  People that live in the country often make special trips to the gas station, people living in the city need to stop by the gas station along their way. EV drivers wake up each morning to a fully charged vehicle, ready to provide dependable, efficient travel. Whenever possible, and each evening, simply plug it in. No muss, no fuss. It's such a privilege to plug in your car.

Your EV will "start" each morning.  People that purchase new vehicles expect dependability, many cannot afford a new car.  For those people, it's just a matter of time till something breaks. Usually a engine related problem.  And just hope you know a good mechanic! It's going to cost you! Will it be fixed right? The technology in modern cars is impressive, but when you bought it, you bought it. Hope nothing goes wrong.

In a EV, The Electric motor is usually maintenance free for the life of the vehicle. It costs much less than a replacement ICE. A electric motor can be easy to replace. Maybe even under the shade tree.  The EV controller is a electronic device. Probably about as reliable as your conventional TV, stereo, or your computer (hardware).  Even for the person on a budget, replacing all the batteries costs between $800-$1,500. This does not happen one cold, rainy morning. You will know well in advance before your batteries are worn out.  A small 1 year loan will get you a battery pack good for 2-10 years depending upon driving and treatment. Further, a EV is a very durable product. Assuming the body doesn't rust EV's don't wear out. They can be very simple and if a component (Batteries-Controller-Motor) would fail, the replacement will likely have advanced capabilities. Forget obsoleteness.

What if you leave your EV sit for a few years? Replace the batteries (if not removed and used for something else or sold to another EV driver)  and your off.  No bad gas, Antifreeze corrosion. Locked up engines, questionable transmission, bad radiator, dried up belts and hoses.  EV's can be forgiving.

4) Buy one for the teenager

Kids need a car? think of the advantages:
They won't go far. EV's won't take you to the far away big city. The kids will know that and stay within it's limits.

You won't have to hand over the "twenties" when they claim to need gas-what do they really do with your money?

EV's can be safe. Once the major auto manufactures or some company with resources and engineering gets firmly behind EV manufacturing, EV safety will not be in question.

Having a compact car with a robust chassis and 1000 pounds of batteries planted within, It would probably weight about as much as common SUV's.  Put the EV against a comparably sized ICE vehicle and the EV will have a big advantage in a collision! Some say if ICE cars were proposed today, they would not be built. 10 or more gallons of highly combustible gasoline (Diesel fuel is safer, it's just their soot that will eventually get us) placed under the vehicle. This fuel is then pumped under high pressure to a 200 degree power plant running at near boiling temperatures. Then there is the gas station trips and the fuel delivery semi's. Don't do something stupid at the gas station, you may be running for your life. Save the kids!!!

Of course there are dangers with anything made.  A modern, sealed battery won't be a problem in a roll over. Even dumping a load of battery acid probably wouldn't be all that serious.  10 gallons of gasoline on the ground (or draining) could get very serious. I'd run for the hills.

Wouldn't it be nice to give the kids a car that would be completely reliable, ready to drive when needed. Requires little or no maintenance, won't be hot rodded, get a ticket for loud exhaust, peeling and squealing, broken down, overheated, out of oil, out of gas, won't start. Sounds great! The boys may not like it, the girls may love it! But even if not loved, a EV as a teenager's car would bring back the fondest memories of travel without heartache, expense, and the consequences of deadly speed and horsepower potential  a overly powerful ICE contains.

Again the kids may not like it, the parent should feel better.

5) Divorce yourself from Big Oil

Be in control of your life, future and provide the path for future generations.  Electric is not a single source energy product. Electricity can be derived from Oil, Natural Gas, Nuclear, Coal, wind, solar, and hydroelectric dams.  In the future new sources of electric may come on line (Fusion?). Electric vehicles will be compatible with the future. You decide about gasoline and diesel. 

6) The future is Electric

Electric can be created, it is the best renewable resource available. 
Wood is renewable, but do you want to power your vehicle with wood?
Other energy sources are finite. Oil, Coal, Natural Gas, and Propane. Sure ethanol, vegetable oil, maybe others can help, but they don't match the efficency of electricity.  Would you buy a gas powerered computer, light bulb or television? Electric may not be the cheapest solution for every application (such as heating your house in very cold temperatures), but that could change. Also, electricity prices are very stable. How about that for electric!  

7) Use your EV as a power backup

8) The infrastructure is in place

9) EV's are modest

10) How about a Plug in Hybrid Gasoline/Battery Electric Vehicle


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